Filings, a common tooth repair made easy by BDIC dentists

A filling is a way to repair the damage caused by tooth decay and restore the tooth to its optimum function and shape. Fillings can also help to prevent further deterioration and damage to the tooth, as the bacteria that naturally occur in the mouth will continue to further erode the tooth through any cavity.

Our dentists firstly remove the decayed material from your tooth, clean the area thoroughly, and then fill the cavity with your choice of filling materials such as:

  • porcelain
  • composite resin (tooth coloured fillings)
  • amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, zinc & GIC)

Depending on how extensive the damage to your tooth is, our dentist may recommend a crown or cap in addition to the filling.

If the decay has resulted in nerve damage more extensive treatments may be required such as root canal therapy, which involves removal of the affected nerve.





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