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Teeth whitening lightens the colour of your teeth by removing stains and discolouration. It is among the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because whiter teeth make for a glowing smile.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

The original colour of our teeth is genetically determined and can be affected by the thickness of the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel. Whatever our natural tooth colour, it stains and discolours with the consumption of foods and liquids. The enamel layer reduces with age, revealing more of the colour of the dentin beneath it, which darkens the colour over time. Tobacco will also affect the colour of your teeth, as will poor oral hygiene.

What is Tooth Whitening?

A layer of gel whitening agent is applied to the surface of your teeth. This whitening agent is activated by ultraviolet light shone on to your teeth. After the process, your teeth will be several shades whiter. The treatment usually lasts 2-3 years.

The Treatment

First, our professional dentists will thoroughly clean your teeth. There may be some oral care in the form of fillings required as whitening agent applied to a cavity will permeate the cavity, rather than whitening the surface of the tooth.

Next, a protective cover is applied to the gums as the whitening agent can cause irritation if it comes in contact with gum tissue. Then the whitening gel is applied to your teeth and the ultraviolet light shone on the area.

The result will be a brighter, whiter smile!

After Care

Good oral hygiene is essential for the maintenance of whitened teeth. Smoking, red wine, coffee and soft drinks will cause early discolouration.

A whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash can preserve the effects of the treatment for longer.

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